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Von Familiar D Litter

Seeuferhause Sovil Busta x Seeuferhause Sovil Donna
Puppies where born on the 21/01/19 Puppies will be available from 16/03/19 4 Males and 3 females. Orange Collar Female Available Only

This breeding will suit experienced handlers that would like to compete in ipo,security work or a personal protection dog. Pet homes can apply but with a strict training schedule.

From this breeding we are expecting big dogs and bitches sizes should be between 40-60kg. Prey levels will be extreme so puppies will not do well just left in the backyard.
Persons that complete a BH or ipo will recive a full refund.
This is will be our last breeding with Eleanor.
This dog possessing both the temperament and physical ability to stop the unwanted intruder. Cash is a true one-man dog and should never be taken lightly. Breeders dream of such a power full well put together dog. This boy has all the goodies approximately 55kg with a nice blocky head and wide chest. His temperament is extreme but clear with nice prey drive levels.
Cash’s size and temperament will play a big part in our future breeding’s. Cash is currently owned by seeuferhause rottweilers.
Eleanor’s prey drives are through the roof which reflects on her body type (built like a pit bull) as you can see by her photos, this bitch does not stop.
Her protectiveness level is medium, so well suited for a family pet.
Eleanor has produced pups that have gone to family’s and Security purposes.


Lavender Collar Male
Red Collar Male
No Collar Male
Light Blue Collar Male
Yellow Collar Female
Orange Collar Female
Pink Collar Female