Obedience Training

We are proud to announce that JP from  4D K9 – Dimensional Canine Training has come on board with Von Familiar Rottweilers. We will be offering Jp’s services to all our puppy/dog buyers (Vic Only).

It has come some what difficult to find the right trainer who has you’re pooches best interest at heart. I have known Jp for a number of years now  which along the way he has helped us out with the early stages of training our puppies and young dogs.

August 2018 Von familiar Rottweilers where very fortunate to be there when JP and Devil past their BH.

Multidimensional Training

Correct animal training requires a multidimensional approach to learning. This view has had a tremendous impact on all dogs we work with. They are compliant and happier because they comprehend what their owners expect of them and are therefore willing   participants within the entire family.
4D K9 embraces an holistic approach to animal training in that we devote as much time to helping the owner/handler to learn the scientific learning systems with a simplistic approach. These systems are cutting edge and have been proven to function all over the World, producing dogs that are eager, happy, willing and reliably compliant, providing the owner/handler true stimulus control.
Our core philosophy embraces and promotes quality in all regards including our products, our services and our client relationships. We welcome you to join our team and hope to deliver outcomes that exceed your expectations.

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