Feeding Your Von Familiar Rottweiler

One of the most common questions we are asked is……” What do you feed your dogs??”
Over the years this has changed for us at von familiar many times dependant on the various pieces of advice that I have received and the information that I have obtained and the most current and definitely not fad diet is an all raw, natural diet.

For years now, we have known that processed foods are not good for humans to consume…. we are constantly bombarded with study after study surrounding the effects of diet to our well-being, the effects of GMO foods, the effects of too much junk, too much sugar, too many preservatives, colourings, additives etc etc….and to some extent we listen and modify our intakes accordingly. At some point we even put ourselves on diets to aid in the improvement of our overall health, weight loss and or attention to specific ailments; but, do we do the same for our dogs or do we reach for the nearest bag of kibble? pre-packed meat roll? pet shop preservative laden meats? either way, we are not doing our friends any favours!!
The sound of preparing a raw, all natural diet sounds laborious and over the top…but it doesn’t have to be…if you have 30mins once per week you can give your pooch the best of the best and be sound in the knowledge that you are contributing to his/her wellbeing and quality of life in a manner that you cannot have done with love, exercise, and training alone!!


The process I am about to describe (and you can view the process on the videos listed below) feeds all of our dogs at von familiar and supplements our puppy diets. So, about an hour per week for us get the job done for a dozen dogs…so you have no excuse when it comes to time commitment…you will also be surprised when it comes to the “LOW” cost associated with feeding this way!
The basic recipe is as follows:
60-70% raw meaty bones
20% Vegetables and Fruits
10% Offal
5% Additives
In terms of quantity we use the same ratio of food to bodyweight as prescribed by Dr Billinghurst…. for puppies about 4% of bodyweight…for adults about 2%…so roughly for a 50kg dog that would equate to 1kg of food per day. Please keep in mind this is the total daily requirement and therefore if you feed twice per day then you should feed half the qty per

meal. Also keep in mind that if you feed additional bones then provided the bones can be totally consumed then this also contributes to the daily allowance.

Minced Chicken Carcass – 20kg slab – ensure there is no water mixed into it when you buy it
Raw Meaty Bones –
I prefer to use minced / crushed chicken carcasses as the base of this recipe. Plenty of calcium and phosphorus through the bone component, good ratio of fat to meat on the bines before they are minced. In addition I feed soft lamb brisket, flaps or beef off cuts to the dogs 2-3 times per week in addition to the base meal.

Raw vegies – cut and ready for processing Vegetables –
Any of the following is suitable with green leafy vegetables forming about 80% of the mix. Cabbage, Broccoli, Spinach, Silverbeet, Celery, Pumpkin, Carrot, Squash, Green beans, Peas, Zucchini
Fruits –
Apples, Oranges, Banannas Offal and vegies being processed
Offal –
Liver should make up about 50% of the offal component. Balance can be hearts, tripe (fresh green is best), kidneys, giblets, etc
Additives –
Kelp, Alfalfa, Yogurt, Eggs (including shells), cod liver oil, garlic (the combination of these items shoud be no more than 5% of total mix)


Viola!!! the finished product…good enough to eat!

All the vegies, fruit and offal should be cut into small pieces that your food processor can handle…this will ensure that your dogs do not get picky and leave out the items they dont like…..you’ll be surprised how selective they can be!!!
Once the vegies and offal have been processed they can be mixed onto the mince by hand…no need for too much trouble here just make sure it gets mixed through roughly and then you can either put your additives in or add them as you feed; either way is ok…..although again, if mixed in the dogs will struggle to leave them out.
So there you have it folks an easy foolproof way to ensure that your pocches are being fed the optimum nutrition. If this method of feeding is new to your dog you notice a difference over a period of time; your dog will look leaner, yet fuller, muscles will look bigger and their coat should have a brilliant sheen to it. The other benefit is likely to be that the stool will be firmer and less of it, making it easier and faster to clean up after your dog!!

The current qty of food made at von familiar Rottweilers works out to about 60kg of super charged mince for the cost of about $90 total….that’s works out to about $1.50/kg…most high quality dry foods will cost you in excess of $4 – $5/kg even over $8/kg for some of them…..so people, wake up and stop getting sucked in by the marketing!!!

Recipe is owned by our good friends at seeuferhause rottweilers

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