Seeuferhause Fidor

The Scapper

The dog that started it all . My boy the rock star. Rocky was a brute no matter what you threw at him he would keep persisting and moving forward (like a small rugby player). His willingness to stop the threat and keep me safe was astonishing. We have put this dog in different scenarios including car jacking’s,Office, shed run throughs and helper attacks, crowd attacks and this dog always brought his A game.

A Family Member First

Rocky was foremost a working Rottweiler but he was our pet, he knew when it was family time and when he had to work. The on off switch he had will be missed. He was a well balanced dog. Unfortunately  he passed away in January 2018  and will  be forever missed.


  • Call Name
  • Gender
  • Born
    January 7, 2011
  • Height
    65 cm
  • Dam
    Seeuferhause Gabi
  • Sire
    Clyde vom Tanneneck
  • Hips
    0 . 0
  • Elbows
  • Bite
  • Weight