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First contact with Von Familiar Rottweilers
Please understand our time is valuable as yours is. If you don’t want to put the time in and answer the below questions, we will not put our time in to you!!.
Before you contact us please send us an email with your answer from below. Our prices are not negotiable emails, messages and phone calls regarding the price will not be answered too, if you have come this far you have already seen and know our prices.

1: Do you have small children, or plan too in the coming years.
2: Will this be your first pet
3: Why have you chosen the Rottweiler for your next pet
4: Do you understand the commitment it takes to raise a working dog
5: Do you know what a working dog is
6: What is you preferred sex male or female and why
7: Do you intend in breeding this animal and why
8: What is your idea temperament
9: Are you looking for a sport, Security or personal protection dog
10: If your life style changes what would you do with your pet.
11: Do you know the difference between limited registration and full registration
12: Have you got a training plan set in place for your pet
13: Do you understand that desexing cannot be done until 2 years of age any why this is required by Von Familiar Rottweilers
14: Have you read our breeders terms, would this be something you’re interested in
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