About Von Familiar Rottweilers

In late 2010 I was looking for my first working Dog. As I was watching the news late one night and I came across a news story about Nat a police dog, the only working Rottweiler at that time in the Australian police force.


I watched this dog track for several hundred meters with pure endurance based on the fact he wanted to please his handler when finally he found the bad guy hiding in the front of someone house and then that's when I realised that a Rottweiler was the dog for me.

In the coming months I did lots of research on working Rottweilers kennels in Australia ,which I was unhappy with and when I nearly gave up In earlier 2011 i came across the Seeuferhause Kennel. I spoke to Laurie (owner) about the kind of working Rottweiler I wanted . He invited me down the following weekend to go through his kennels and have a look at litter he had .

The litter at the time was Clyde Vom tanneneck x Seeuferhause Gabi which Laurie picked a pup that suited my requirements best.

Seeuferhause Fidor aka Rocky!!

In the last seven years that we have owned Rocky his strength, loyalty , power and his natural protectiveness has led me to start my own kennel. I believe people should to have the opportunity to enjoy this magnificent breed that I have grown to love as part my family.